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I look forward to giving advice to her future boyfriends as well.Like not to be fooled by this skinny old guy with the glasses and friendly smile.Seconds after Sue messaged our daughter, we received an answer.Funny what a few little pictures of hearts and smiley faces will do for a girl.In another, she’s around 10, hugging Sue while on vacation in Rhode Island.I tried to reconcile the little girl in the photos with the young woman she was becoming.But I didn’t think she’d actually go through with it. I mean, wouldn’t I have been neglecting my parental duties by not inquiring about my daughter’s health and well-being after a doctor’s visit?Yet, after going 12 hours without hearing from her, I started to wonder, “Did I say something wrong?

We were the future, so it was time to start taking charge.

If there had been i Pads during my dating days, I could have saved a fortune on flowers and chocolate.

Sue read our daughter’s message aloud without skimming it first. I just started birth control last month, that’s all.” “She .” That’s all?

How funny to be on the receiving end of that mantra now.

Hilarious, actually, judging by the way Sue had reacted to me a moment earlier. We raised our daughter to be independent and self-respecting. Unlike other girls her age, she’d never been promiscuous or abused drugs and alcohol.

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