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The Nintendo 64 video game console has a library of games, which were primarily released in plastic ROM cartridges.

Two small indentations on the back of each cartridge allows it to connect or pass through the system's cartridge dustcover flaps.

To those who doubt Nintendo's ability to pull such a feat off, the evidence already stands: Nintendo values its properties above all else, and crossing universes isn't something the company takes lightly. You bet — and to see the characters interacting and fighting alongside each other in a mode was much less jarring than anyone probably expected.

Case in point, the legendary Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros. If Nintendo were to bring more of its stars and worlds to Mario Kart, it's a guarantee that great care would be taken in making sure that the style and substance of each would match the surrounding elements; these are, after all, the things that make Nintendo what it is.

Over the course of three decades, Nintendo has brought smiles to the faces of gamers everywhere with their games' personalities, worlds, and stories — all done with nearly limitless charm.

Even if the Big N never decides to go the route set out by Super Smash Bros.

Of course, that trailer turned out to be the reveal of Rosalina and Luma for Super Smash Bros., just another fun joke pulled by the ever-playful Masahiro Sakurai.

So too is the way expanding Mario Kart's total universe works: as wonderful as additional vehicles, characters, and items are, it's really the tracks that would make Nintendo buffs the most excited about picking up a controller and having a go.A bypass device such as the N64 Passport or the Datel Action Replay can be used to play import titles, but a few games require an additional boot code before they can be played.Of the console's 388 official releases, 85 are region-locked to Japan, 50 to North America, and 4 to Europe.As wonderful as Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina are, it's not hard to imagine more exciting replacements that — to be blunt — have actually appeared in some form or another in a Nintendo game prior.Besides all that, just the Equally as tantalizing is the idea of adding vehicles from other games — either themed or ripped straight from the source — to Mario Kart.

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