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But when he inspected the corpse, its rider was gone. Sure, Australia is full of dromedaries, but they’re feral rather than wild, and while there are plenty of domesticated Bactrians, these ones are a separate species that have never been tamed.Wild Bactrians are also among the toughest creatures in existence, perfectly adapted to survive in -style post-apocalyptic badlands.Wild Bactrians only live in two places on the planet.Some are located in Mongolia’s Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area (which, by the way, is strictly protected) while the rest live on the Arjin Shan Lop Nur nature reserve in China’s Xinjiang province.

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We’re talking about camels, the ships of the desert.

These iconic, even-toed ungulates are synonymous with hardiness, humps, and horrible B. They might be ungainly and ugly, but camels have been helping humans for over 3,000 years, carrying our gear and taking us places no horse could ever go.

However, soldiers eventually got sick of the camels’ bad smell and worse tempers, and they were released into the wilderness. The Imperial Camel Corps, made up of Brits, Australians, and New Zealanders, fought against the Turks in the Sinai desert.

However, these “camaliers” didn’t fight from the saddle.

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