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"Wait a few days before you waste your prayers," he told them.The following Thursday morning, April 21st, Prince was found in an elevator at Paisley Park."All good things, they say, will never last." The show concluded with "Purple Rain." Prince slipped in snatches from "The Beautiful Ones" and "Diamonds and Pearls," then came back to the 1984 song that announced his ascension to megastar status. The 1988 Dassault Falcon 900 was less than an hour from Minneapolis, but the jet put down in Moline, Illinois.The audience joined him in the familiar wordless falsetto at the end, hands clapping, voices lifted. Three weeks before – following shows in Montreal and Toronto – he'd had afterparties at local clubs. Though it would be dismissed as the flu – the same cause given for the show cancellations in Atlanta the week before – reports have surfaced that Prince was allegedly treated for a drug overdose, possibly Percocet, at a local hospital, and left because no private room was available.

The song is about the wish to transcend – to snatch a moment of glory that can transform the impermanent into the eternal – and Prince embodied the lyric, starting each line with a vocal stab that then floated upward. "Sometimes I wish life was never ending," goes the chorus. He went directly to the airport, and around 1 a.m., an emergency call came from the plane.

They were gathered to enact the music, which has always been about community – the utopias of musical and sexual freedom he called Uptown, Paisley Park or Erotic City. Those fantasies were outrageously sexual and passionately religious, sometimes at the same moment.

He was rock's greatest trickster figure, the trick being that he could become whatever you imagined a rock star to be. Rock & roll had always crossed the sacred and profane, so he upped the ante to the apocalyptic and the pornographic.

Name dropping guacamole saw an increase of 144% while potatoes and chocolate garnered an increase of 101% and 100%, respectively.

But, interestingly enough, the study also saw that fried chicken and yams are probably the worst foods to mention if you're hoping to get a match — users who mentioned fried chicken saw a 15% decrease in messages while those who mentioned yams received 70% fewer messages. On that same note, mentioning your general love of food could also get you a little further as well. But Zoosk also notes that, just because you both like burritos, that doesn't mean that your undying love for the food should be the very first thing you talk about.

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