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Enabled with Open CL, it can take advantage of the hardware acceleration of the underlying heterogeneous compute platform.Adopted all around the world, Open CV has more than 47 thousand people of user community and estimated number of downloads exceeding 14 million.Anyone who buys SMSCHAIN Token and installs the app can earn money automatically by selling their unused SMS messages.App users can set up the amount of messages sent by SMSCHAIN daily, as well as the type of content to deliver (example: transactional messages from Google, Facebook, Whatsapp etc).

Various Telecom companies (SMS Aggregators) that offer SMS Gateway services aggregate billions of A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS messages on a monthly basis.Anyone in the world with an unlimited SMS bundle or unused SMS messages can become an SMS Chain Unit by installing our app on their Android device.SMSTO will be the only internal currency of the SMSCHAIN ​​platform, which will be used for mutual settlements among the members of the network.SMS Aggregators and SMS Gateway service providers will gain access to global Unit network, enabling A2P SMS traffic delivery at a low cost.Short Message Token (SMSTO) will be the only internal currency for mutual settlements among the members of the network.

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