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As one of the seven metals of antiquity, silver has had an enduring role in most human cultures.Other than in currency and as an investment medium (coins and bullion), silver is used in solar panels, water filtration, jewellery, ornaments, high-value tableware and utensils (hence the term silverware), in electrical contacts and conductors, in specialized mirrors, window coatings, in catalysis of chemical reactions, as a colorant in stained glass and in specialised confectionery.Silver is an extremely soft, ductile and malleable transition metal, though it is slightly less malleable than gold.

Zinc-silver alloys with low zinc concentration may be considered as face-centred cubic solid solutions of zinc in silver, as the structure of the silver is largely unchanged while the electron concentration rises as more zinc is added.

Unlike copper and gold, the energy required to excite an electron from the filled d band to the s-p conduction band in silver is large enough (around 385 k J/mol) that it no longer corresponds to absorption in the visible region of the spectrum, but rather in the ultraviolet; hence silver is not a coloured metal.

Very high electrical and thermal conductivity is common to the elements in group 11, because their single s electron is free and does not interact with the filled d subshell, as such interactions (which occur in the preceding transition metals) lower electron mobility.

Cu informatii din cele mai diverse domenii, de la teologie si astrologie la psihanaliza sau publicitate, si avind la baza surse folclorice, literare si artistice, cele peste 1.200 de articole dezvaluie o multitudine de sensuri ale limbajului simbolic si invita cititorul la reflectie si la descifrarea a numeroase alte enigme.

In stoc Cod: POL9-4 Aparitie: 2009 Autor: Jean Chevalier (coord.), Alain Gheerbrant (coord.) Categoria: Atlase Enciclopedii Editura: POLIROM Format: 160x235 mm Nr. Traducere de Micaela Slavescu, Laurentiu Zoicas (coord.), Daniel Nicolescu, Doina Uricariu, Olga Zaicik, Irina Bojin, Victor-Dinu Vladulescu, Ileana Cantuniari, Liana Repeteanu, Agnes Davidovici, Sanda Oprescu Intr-o epoca in care imaginatia este revalorificata ca resort al descoperirilor si progresului, dictionarul coordonat de Jean Chevalier si Alain Gheerbrant ilustreaza varietatea cheilor de interpretare – oficiale si subversive, analitice si emotionale, spirituale si sexuale – oferite in diferite culturi simbolurilor fundamentale ale omenirii.

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