Entp female dating

I love being an ENTP, but the personality that comes with it is almost like a guy repellant. I'm an ENTP-A & my problem seems to be more that I repel other women, as I just can't relate to all the feels & am not sensitive enough.

I also swear a lot, am assertive, hate kids & have no filter.

And I couldn't realistically be with a feeler either, as I just don't find them attractive. I am also often incorrectly perceived as dominant because of my social behaviour (I am often mistyped as an ENTJ when people first meet me, because I tend to be the one in control of group situations), where as I actually identify as submissive.

Which doesn't fit into the stereotyped girls who often appears weak and helpless, shy and cute, clingy and etcetera..My best friend is an ESTJ male & we did not get along at first, as we are both natural leaders with very different styles.We soon realised that we also have a ton in common (we are both massive closet nerds) & worked out that if we teamed up, nothing could stop us.However, my personality is definitely not a guy repellant for me.Quite the opposite, actually, although I do happen to be physically attractive, from what others tell me. But it is very rare that I meet a guy that I find attractive.

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