Filopino dating

It is not important to spend so much money on buying gifts. If you remember special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, that would be enough to keep her happy.

A word of advice for foreigners giving gifts to Filipinas: do not give her something bought from the country.

Girls in general like flowers, but to a Filipina, being given flowers means that you extend effort to buy something special. Roses are generally liked by most women, but you may also get her sunflowers or carnations.

Better yet, find out what her favourite flowers are and give her an arrangement of those. While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Filipinas like receiving jewelry only if there is a special occasion.

For us, giving jewelry means that you would like to be exclusive.

There’s probably no house in the Philippines not containing one. Just like any girl, Filipinas like it when a guy gives effort to something.

In fact, there are a lot of stores in the Philippines that sells just stuffed animals and they’re not just made for kids. Since we have the notion of thoughtfulness as a gift, girls like it when you provide them with something you made like a cake.

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