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She signs up at the community college for engineering classes.

She enjoys drawing, and finds that she's good at drafting.

Half the students were told they were late and must hurry. The other students were told they had plenty of time. The psychologists concluded that simple changes in context powerfully alter individual behavior. Right won't do you any good if he or she (or you) isn't thinking about romance.

In this and other experiments, psychologists have gotten individuals to do the opposite of their normal or professed behavior. E.g., if you're in a hurry you'll walk right past Mr./Ms.

FYI, in 2001, engineering was 90% male and 91% white; child care providers were 97% female and 19% Hispanic.

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To meet Outward Bound instructors, take a Wilderness First Responder course.Right, just as the seminary students walked past the man in need of help.Instead, meet partners in places where singles think about romance, when they're thinking about romance.E.g., couples are, on average, dissimilar for personality types.Couples are also dissimilar for IQ tests, attitudes and opinions (e.g., whether mothers should work outside the home), hobbies and social activities, parents' economic class, physical and mental health, height, weight, hair color, eye color, physical attractiveness, exercise, vocabulary, day or night person, preferred foods, number of brothers and sisters, and birth order (some of these studies were conducted before 1970 and may be out of date, especially considering the post-1970 rise of companionate marriages, described on page 87).

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