Offline dating vs online dating dating sites for over 50 year olds

One in five relationships within the UK now start online, and at least half of people in America know someone that uses online dating.Some studies, such as one conducted by e Harmony in their 2015 Relationship Study, found that in Australia 22% of singles have met their partner online, falling just short of the traditional means of meeting through mutual friends (24%).This same website found, from a study of 4,000 couples, that those who had entered a relationship via first meeting face-to-face were found to be more stable.However, over studies have found that this just isn't the case.Paula Hall, from Relate, said that this is likely to be down to the fact that those who have logged online are "more likely to be based on a shared value system, the same interests, the same legwork as opposed to a relationship based on chemistry alone, which, as we all know, is the quality that tends to fade first in a relationship."Regardless of the various studies and countering statistics, one thing is certain; it is clear that the online dating industry is now on the rise.In an increasingly busy world, cash-rich, time-poor professionals simply don't have the time to be constantly pursuing traditional means in the hopes of finding the perfect match.

For instance, a young man can find a sweet girl online, they agree to be friends, and then from there, they can plan for offline meetings to strengthen their bonds as well as knowing each other. Personal Connection I have much interest in this topic because I have some personal connection with it.

Social dating with websites like Urban Social provide an easier alternative to this and allows people to get to know another person much better before even going on that first date.

There is still a misconception among many that it is wrong to date online, and many still blush when asked the golden question "so where did you two meet?

Discussing the two approaches of the methods is relevant to me because I have been involved in both of them.

I met my life long partner on Facebook; we talked with each other and expressed our interest in each other, we went further into exchanging contacts as well as personal photos.

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