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“I left my education behind and I lost my personal capital,” says the 22 year old, who is now back in Afghanistan.“I have a kind of depression right now, since I returned from Europe, because I now understand that the world hates Afghans.“I will leave Afghanistan for Europe again, once I feel the borders are reopened,” he says.Bahram is most afraid of kidnappers and criminals in Afghanistan.

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He tried to work multiple jobs – selling his paintings, driving a taxi – but the economic downturn damaged his prospects.

Young returnees have lost time, years of education and confidence.

Some find themselves alone, without family or professional networks to rely on for support.

We do not have respect anywhere abroad as Afghan citizens.” During our multiyear research and recent study interviewing Afghans along the migration trail, many people told us that leaving Afghanistan was their only solace from the painful effects of years of conflict, including a lack of consistent and quality education, bleak financial prospects, persecution based on their identity, threats to personal security and the pressure to provide for their families.

While the decision to leave on a clandestine journey is drastic, many Afghans believe it will solve their problems.

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