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The head office of this new channel will be in Lahore but they are hiring people from all over the Pakistan. Anchors: News Anchors Trainee Anchors Copy Writers In Put Desk: Senior News producers News Producers Associate producers Trainee Producers News Out Put desk: Rundown Producers Associate Producers (Trainee) Panel Producers Packages Section: Producer & Associate Producer OSR Desk: Producer & Associate Producer Outstation Cameramen and Reporters Trainee Associate Producers Ticker desk: In-charge Ticker desk Associate Producer Ticker Operator Bureau: (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad) Reporters & Trainee reporters Cameramen & Trainee Cameramen Riders NLEs and Senior NLEs Animation Department: Graphic Artist 2D designers 3D Designers Archive Department: Head Archive Assistant Archive Marketing team: Manager Marketing Marketing Executive: HR and Admin Senior HR Executive Admin assistant Broadcast: Broadcast Manager Broadcast Engineer Satellite Engineer Senior Studio Cameraman Studio Cameraman Control room Operator Maintenance Engineer Studio Helper IT Department: Network Administrator System Administrator Communication Operator Others: Wardrobe Designers Set Designers Makeup Artists How to apply for a Job ?? Join the media revolution, experience exciting lifestyle with exceptional career and growth opportunities!

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Only a small minority of Saraiki speakers are Jaṭṭs, and not all Saraiki speaking Jaṭṭs necessarily speak the same dialect of Saraiki.

However, these people usually call their traditions as well as language as Jataki.

The local dialect of Lahore is the Majhi dialect of Punjabi, which has long been the basis of standard literary Punjabi.In 1919, Grierson maintained that the dialects of what is now the southwest of Punjab Province in Pakistan constitute a dialect cluster, which he designated "Southern Lahnda" within a putative "Lahnda language".Subsequent Indo-Aryanist linguists have confirmed the reality of this dialect cluster, even while rejecting the name "Southern Lahnda" along with the entity "Lahnda" itself.It includes phonemically distinctive implosive consonants, which are unusual among the Indo-European languages.In Christopher Shackle's analysis, Saraiki distinguishes up to 48 consonants and 9 monophthong vowels.

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