Rancher and farmer dating

Be thankful for every little minute that you get with the person you love.Be thankful that they are sharing their life with you. These date nights just might not be a nice restaurant, movie theater or long walks on the beach (unless you farm on the beach). But on your big girl panties, your boots and go out there and help. He could be on the tractor and you could be in the truck. You my dear are in a relationship with agriculture. Chances are you will want to go on frequent date nights and the chances are you will get plenty of date nights. If you get all gussied up and the tractor breaks down or the cows get out. There are so many different factors that could take away from alone time with your farmer.To be honest, I am just happy for the times he can make it and that he makes church a priority on (most) Sundays.We have tried pretty much every schedule to make sure we can have dinner as a family.Krista is a wife, mother of three & first generation dairy farmer. Krista loves to write, take photos, travel and meet new people.

Drive slowly, take a deep breath and realize it will be like this for the rest of your life!!! Just know that as you enter the world of agriculture the idea of love and romance that Hollywood painted for you is not real.BUT when it doesn’t work out and you are having dinner with the kids by yourself, don’t get angry. Improvise, it is your best bet for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I have always been the one that is at least five minutes early.Something will break down, you will have to add an extra stop to your errands, the cows will get out before church, the power will go out right before milking, there is always a tractor or truck tire that could go flat, the grain truck could block your driveway, etc.Plus, soon everyone will expect you to walk in 15 minutes late to church! If you do not want to bless the city folks with your sweet farm aroma, do not stop at the barn. It is not real even if you were not dating or marrying agriculture.Take advantage of the small things and make them the big things.

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