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Dinner—Sunday, Wednesday, butcher's meat, potatoes, broth and bread ; Monday, Thursday, bread and 2oz. Supper—Sunday, Wednesday, broth and bread ; other days, milk pottage and bread.

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In 1957, the combined establishment became known as Grenoside Hospital.Many museums also host regular living history events, bringing history to life; please visit the individual museums’ websites for details.Type of Museum: General Museum Country: Gloucestershire, England Owned / Operated by: Cotswold District Council Address: Park Street, Cirencester GL7 2BX Although the museum exhibits artefacts from the Neolithic to Victorian times, it is the collection of finds from the Roman town of Corinium Dobunnorum (modern day Cirencester) that it is most famous for.Your local county museum is a great place to discover the history of your area, from earliest man to the present day.Discover the lives and trades of local people in the past through all sorts of exhibits and displays, many of which are hands-on for children to enjoy.

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