Super singer 9 episode 27 online dating

She threatens to call the police and expel them unless she performs on her webshow.She ends up performing on the bagpipes and their view count drops instantly.

They get so many that they have to stay up all night watching them. When Jake Krandle ( Austin Butler ) breaks up with his girlfriend, the girls at Ridgeway go crazy about him being single.

Carly refuses to date him, risking a bad review for the webcast.

Carly eventually tells Nevel's mother on him and i Carly's status is restored.

But when they use the green screen to get hilarious backgrounds, people come back and i Carly has more viewers than ever.

Meanwhile, Spencer has a girlfriend who can juggle. Note: After this episode, Miss Briggs did not appear until the season 3 episode, i Have My Principals.

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